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Case closed, San Francisco

Boaters, Prague

Water zorbing, Prague (1).jpg

Sunbathers, Dubrovnik

Kayakers, Dubrovnik

On the castle wall, Dubrovnik

Stradun, Dubrovnik

How Weird II, San Francisco

How Weird, San Francisco

Reflection with flowers, Amsterdam

Red light district, Amsterdam

Tour boat, Amsterdam

Shooter, Dubai

Spotted, Dubai

Khalid and Nahyan, Seychelles

Waves, Seychelles

Burj, Dubai

Metro, Tokyo

Montana, Singapore

Airport, Singapore

Supertrees, Singapore

Chingay Parade, Singapore

Reflection, Singapore

Double Exposure, Singapore

Double Exposure, Tokyo

Men in black, Tokyo

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Birthday sunset, Alameda

Lake Merritt dusk, Oakland

Picklehorse double exposure, San Francisco

Sadie Lady performs, San Francisco

Feeding the birds, Oakland

Volcanic meditation, Panajachel

God-light, Guatemala City

Party animals, Guatemala City

Moving forward, Guatemala City

Kids and birds, Guatemala City

Jesus in her heart, Lima

Princess, Lima

Jello man, Lima

Double selfie, Lima

Sitting on the dock of the bay, Lima

Framed, Lima

Swimmer, Lima

Somebody's watching me, Lima

Christmas can be so overwhelming. Campeche, México.

Alone on Christmas. Campeche, México

Dressed up for church on Christmas. Campeche, México

Malecon I. Campeche, México. (1).jpg

Hand fisherman. Campeche, México.

Girls at sunset. Celestún, México

Enrique and his friends. Celestún, México.

Geresia and her dead pescaditos. Celestún, México.

Church door and shadows. Celestún, México.

Sleeping Bug. Mérida, México.

Girl on carousel horse. Mérida, México.

Blue Christmas tree. Mérida, México.

Carry that weight. Mérida, México

Anthropomorphic. Mérida, México

Urban cowboy III. Mérida, México.

Urban cowboy II. Mérida, México.

Chiclet boy. Mérida, México

Woman in fog with flowers, Oakland

San Francisco's backside, San Francisco

Woman on ferry, San Francisco bay

Boy at ferry terminal, San Francisco

Zoey and her person, Belize

Before the rain, Belize

Three pair, Belize

Fisherman, Belize

Double rainbow, Belize

Boy and the sea, Belize

Belizean blues, Belize

Flocking to the sunset, Belize

Shadows of the dead, Oakland

Dancer of the dead, Oakland

Faces of the dead, Oakland

Windsurfer II, Alameda

PDA, Alameda

Simon and Percy, Oakland

OMCA silhouette II, Oakland

OMCA silhouette I, Oakland

Selfie, Palo Alto

Behind bars, San Francisco

Pamela dances, San Francisco

Departure, Madrid

Subway drinking, Madrid

Sol boys, Madrid

Disco dancing, Madrid

Madrileño, Madrid

Skater II, Venice Beach

Skaters I, Venice Beach

Basketball, Venice Beach

Matt and Wade, Los Angeles

Erin II, Fairbanks

Erin, Fairbanks

Evergreen, Fairbanks

Fun shoot, Fairbanks

Blue Lagoon II, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Sheepblock, Iceland

Still life with kitty, Reykjavik

Harbor, Keflavik

Arrival, Iceland

Stay in flight, Oakland

Waiting, Oakland

JP, Oakland

Trevor, Provo

Man with briefcase, Provo

Reflections, Provo

Sunbathing, San Francisco

Divergent lines, Seattle

Volleyball, Seattle

Game players, Seattle

Embarking, Seattle

Tan line, Seattle

Boy/man, Seattle

Turn, turn, turn, an iPhone collaboration with Stephanie Strasburg.

Bird watching, Oakland

Bailiff II, Stockton

Bailiff I, Stockton

America. Oakland

Kids and cranes. Oakland

"Racing Stripes," a collaboration with Mike Kepka. San Francisco

One plane, two plane, red and blue plane, San Francisco

Laptop zombies, San Francisco

Phone zombie II, San Francisco

Phone zombies I, San Francisco

Lonely together, San Francisco

(Trans)American true love, San Francisco

Lunchtime, San Francisco

Smokers, San Francisco

Urban cowboy, El Sobrante

Hand-eye coordination, San Mateo

Maker Faire, San Mateo

Holy, Berkeley

Liquors, San Francisco

Surfer, Pacifica

Germans, Pacifica

Abstract, Oakland

Jumper, Oakland

Above and below, Oakland

Walkers, Oakland

Scenic, Oakland

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Man. Malé, Maldives.

A day at the beach. Malé, Maldives.

Russians. Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives.

Storm watchers. Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives.

Departure. Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives.

Water. Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives.

Sunset watchers. Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives.

Newlyweds. Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives.

Spa. Conrad, Rangali Island, Maldives.

Jumper. Malé, Maldives.

Ferry man. Malé, Maldives.

Airport waitress. Guangzhou, China.

Bored. Guangzhou, China.

Symmetrical II. Guangzhou, China.

Symmetrical I. Guangzhou, China.

Two men and two puppies. Jaipur, India.

Three women. Jaipur, India.

New and Old. Jaipur, India.

Fire Starter II. Pushkar, India.

Fire Starter I. Pushkar, India.

The birds and the bulls. Pushkar, India.

Morning prayer. Pushkar, India.

Geese. Pushkar, India.

Bather. Pushkar, India.

Prayer. Pushkar, India.

Making mawa dough. Jodhpur, India.

Gulab jamun. Jodhpur, India.

Lunch. Jodhpur, India.

Anuradha and Nandini. Jodhpur, India.

Sameer and Vivek. Jodhpur, India.

Waiting. New Delhi, India.

Chai Customer. Delhi, India.

Jama Masjid Birds II. Delhi, India.

Krissa. Delhi, India.

Jama Masjid Birds I. Delhi, India.

Sunset. Berkeley, California.

Foursquare. San Francisco, California.

Making friends. Oakland, California.

Jakub. Outer Richmond, San Francisco

Percy. Oakland, California.

Somewhere in Nevada.

Somewhere in Nevada.

Spenser. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Grant. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Percy and Simon. Lincoln, Nebraska.

Justin and Stephanie. Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

Train vision. Brattleboro, Vermont.

Rani. Brooklyn, New York.

Stairs, MOMA. New York, New York.

Photographer, MOMA. New York, New York.

Toilet. Greenwich Village, New York.

Headless man, MOMA. New York, New York.

Adrien. Hanover, New Hampshire.

Train tracks. Hartford, Vermont.

Farm. Woodstock, Vermont.

Snowboarder II. East Corinth, Vermont.

Snowboarder. Enfield, New Hampshire.

Birds. West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Firefighter. Canaan, New Hampshire.

Ski lift. Ascutney, Vermont.

Shadows. West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Surveillance. West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

MARTA passenger. Atlanta, Georgia.

Tattoos. Atlanta, Georgia.

Wallflowers. Atlanta, Georgia.

Boop. Atlanta, Georgia.

Mask. Exeter, New Hampshire.

Solar. Sharon, Vermont.

Halloween. White River Junction, Vermont.

Tree. Portland, Maine.

Trees. Somewhere in Maine.

Beach. Somewhere in New Hampshire.

Bonfire. Jeffersonville, New York.

Exhausted. Liberty, New York.

Hal. Jeffersonville, New York.

Balloon. Jeffersonville, New York.

Journal. Jeffersonville, New York.

Feet. Quechee, Vermont.

Carnie. Tunbridge, Vermont.

One luv drug. Canaan, New Hampshire.

Dummy. Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Kiss. Montreal, Canada.

Boy. Montreal, Canada.

Balloon II. Quechee, Vermont.

Balloon. Quechee, Vermont.

Selfie. Quechee, Vermont.

Fair. Cornish, New Hampshire.

Rainbow. Cornish, New Hampshire.

Paddlers. Norwich, Vermont.

Solitary. Goose Pond, New Hampshire.

Reeds. West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Elvis. West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Hands. Woodstock, Vermont.

Swimmers. West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Bones. Somewhere in Wyoming.

Train. Great Salt Lake, Utah.

Spectator. San Francisco, California.

Underfoot. San Francisco, California.

Couple. San Francisco, California.

Dancers. San Francisco, California.

Gavin and Montana. San Francisco, California.

Sidney and Bevan. San Francisco, California.

Malia II. Petrolia, California.

Malia. Petrolia, California.

Dew. Siskiyou Wilderness, California.

Laugh. Venice Beach, California.

Skateboarder. Venice Beach, California.

Prom, yellow. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Prom, red. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

John. Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Stagnant water. Stafford, Virginia.

Longhorn. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Zebra. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Selfie. Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Freedom. New York, New York.

Girl. New York, New York.

Man. New York, New York.

Woman. New York, New York.

Dichotomy. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Abstract. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Brothers. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Private love. Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Sword. Quantico, Virginia.

Poser. Quantico, Virginia.

Scaredy cat. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Alone. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Flags. Washington, D.C.

Dawn. Washington, D.C.

Night. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Amusement park. Kings Dominion, Virginia.

Tyrannosaurus. Kings Dominion, Virginia.

Rappahannock. King George, Virginia.

Library. King George, Virginia.

Jersey. Stafford, Virginia.

Heart. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

American. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Bridge. Alexandria, Virginia.

Tree. Quantico, Virginia.

Simon. Alexandria, Virginia.

Rest stop. Somewhere in Ohio.

Sky trails. Somewhere in Ohio.

Barn. Kimball, Nebraska.

Snowman. Kimball, Nebraska.

Fence. Wyoming.

Mist. Vancouver, Canada.

Wesley II. Vancouver, Canada.

Christmas. Vancouver, Canada.

Alone. Vancouver, Canada.

Sunset. Vancouver, Canada.

Fall. Vancouver, Canada.

Legs. Vancouver, Canada.

Birds. Vancouver, Canada.

Architecture. Vancouver, Canada.

Late. San Francisco, California.

Patron. San Francisco, California.

Percy. Oakland, California.

Umbrella. Oakland, California.

Simon II. Oakland, California.

Simon. Oakland, California.

Spidey. San Luis Obispo, California.

Woman. San Luis Obispo, California.

Boy. San Luis Obispo, California.

Double exposure. San Luis Obispo, California.

Poinsettia. Malibu, California.

Beach. Malibu, California.

Formation. Vancouver, Canada.

Bridal. Vancouver, Canada.

Boats. Vancouver, Canada.

Lock. Vancouver, Canada.

Swan. Vancouver, Canada.

Naked. Vancouver, Canada.

Lingerie. Vancouver, Canada.

Bench. Vancouver, Canada.

Penthouse. Vancouver, Canada.

Seagull. Vancouver, Canada.

Departure. Alexandria, Virginia.

Wet. Berkeley, California.

Surfer. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Politics. Cape Charles, Virginia.

Pool. Cape Charles, Virginia.

Bridge. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Sandy. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Defiant. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Bunny. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Bee. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Superheroes. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Tunnel. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Red. Washington, D.C.

Vendor. Washington, D.C.

Boy. Washington, D.C.

Couple. Washington, D.C.

Monument. Washington, D.C.

Seasonal. Washington, D.C.

Secret Service. Washington, D.C.

Shapely. Washington, D.C.

Postal. Washington, D.C.

Sherif. Giza, Egypt.

Spiral II. Giza, Egypt.

Spiral. Cairo, Egypt.

Mall. Cairo, Egypt.

Brains. Tunis, Tunisia.

Prayer. Choucha, Tunisia.

Men. Tunis, Tunisia.

Feet. Chott el Jerid, Tunisia.

Selfie. Chott el Jerid, Tunisia.

Moped. Mahdia, Tunisia.

Playful. Zarzis, Tunisia.

Lines. Gafsa, Tunisia.

Mosque. Tunis, Tunisia.

Symmetrical. Barcelona, Spain.

Frank Lloyd Wright. San Rafael, California.

Yellowstone. Idaho.